Kelce Aiming to Match Swift's Grammy Glut with Super Bowl Win
Kelce Aiming to Match Swift's Grammy Glut with Super Bowl Win
Las Vegas (AFP) - Kansas City Chiefs' tight end Travis Kelce is determined to follow in his girlfriend Taylor Swift's footsteps by achieving success at this year's Super Bowl. As the NFL's biggest event approaches, Kelce finds himself in the spotlight, surrounded by a large scrum of media. Notably, Swift recently made history by winning her fourth Album of the Year award at the Grammys.

Kelce Aiming to Match Swift's Grammy Success with Super Bowl Victory

Las Vegas (AFP) - Travis Kelce is setting his sights on matching girlfriend Taylor Swift's record-breaking Grammy achievements by bringing home victory in this week's Super Bowl.

The countdown to the biggest event on the American sports calendar kicked off in Las Vegas on Monday with the customary opening night media frenzy.

Approximately 30,000 fans gathered at Allegiant Stadium, the venue for Sunday's grand finale between Kelce's Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers, to interact with players from both teams during staggered two-hour media sessions.

It came as no surprise that Kelce, the larger-than-life tight end for the Chiefs, who has been the center of attention in the NFL this season due to his relationship with pop icon Swift, found himself surrounded by a massive crowd of international media.

Just a day earlier, Swift made history by winning her fourth Album of the Year award at the Grammys, surpassing legends like Frank Sinatra, Paul Simon, and Stevie Wonder.

Kelce, who has the opportunity to secure his third Super Bowl victory on Sunday, jokingly acknowledged the pressure to match his partner's achievements.

“She's incredible," said a relaxed Kelce about Swift. "She's rewriting the history books. I told her I need to do my part and bring home some hardware as well. Taylor has an amazing fan base that supports her throughout her life, and it has been fun to bring together the Swifties and the Chiefs Kingdom and introduce them to the football and sports world. It has been a cool experience."

On a Quest

Kelce also revealed his determination to secure consecutive Super Bowl wins with the Kansas City Chiefs, following their triumph over the Philadelphia Eagles last year.

After missing the opportunity to repeat their victory in 2021, losing to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, who defeated the Chiefs, Kelce admitted that the loss has motivated him to reach this point once again. He expressed that this Super Bowl victory is more important to him than any other in his life.

"Teams that have achieved back-to-back victories are regarded as some of the greatest in history," Kelce shared.

Las Vegas is hosting its first-ever Super Bowl on Sunday, and the Nevada gambling hub is embracing the occasion, as evident from the extravagant opening ceremony on Monday.

"They are the entertainment Mecca of the world," Kelce commented. "To be a part of the first Super Bowl hosted here is quite historic. I'm truly enjoying this moment."

On a nearby podium, Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes faced a similarly large crowd of media. Like Kelce, Mahomes also has the opportunity to win his third Vince Lombardi Trophy this weekend.

Considered by many as the finest quarterback of his generation, Mahomes shrugged off comparisons with NFL legend Tom Brady, who has won seven Super Bowls. He stated that such comparisons are premature, as he is still not even halfway through his career.

"I haven't given it much thought," Mahomes responded when asked about being compared to Brady. "Ask me that question in about 15 years, and I'll see if I can come close to seven. But right now, seven seems like a long way off."

While Mahomes vies for his third Super Bowl title, San Francisco quarterback Brock Purdy will be making his debut in the NFL championship game.

Purdy's journey to the pinnacle of his sport is impressive, considering he was selected as the 262nd and final pick of the 2022 NFL Draft, earning him the nickname "Mr. Irrelevant."

"Do I think it's time for a new nickname? I'm fine with Mr. Irrelevant, it's all good," Purdy responded.

Nevertheless, Purdy has no qualms about spoiling the narrative for Kelce and Swift on Sunday.

When asked if he was prepared to disappoint Taylor Swift, he simply replied, "Yes."



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